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Wuthering Heights Childs Emotions vs. Adult Emotions

Child Emotions vs. Adult Emotions By Andrea Lee All appearances said that Catherine Linton was as grown up as she could be, she was married and quite past the age when one is considered an adult. But, if one would look just a little farther, they could see that in all her rebelliousness she is maintaining a carefully constructed faà §ade, created to look adult while she spends hours of time dreaming about the childhood that she wished would last forever. When we first see Catherine enter Nellys story she selfishly wanted the gift that her father promised her despite the fact that her father had gone out of his was to help a little boy that was all alone in the world. This is the first view of the selfish little girl emotions that†¦show more content†¦She selfishly wanted Heathcliff to love her like she loved him and still be okay with her love for Edgar at the same time. Even sick and delirious she inherently and selfishly wants and believes she can have the best of both worlds. We all have childish thoughts and feelings sometimes but when that is all one has that is when one can see a child trapped in an adults body. One with a few childish thoughts is normal but one with an overpoweringly childish way of living is and always should be labeled a child. These people cannot make adult choices nor have adult opinions because their emotions are rooted in childish dreams.

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Underground to Canada Free Essays

Julilly is a slave at the Hensen plantation, with her mother, Mammy Sally. When a Slave trader from the deep South comes to choose his field hands, he rips Julilly from the arms of her loving mother and sends her into his cart. Both of them are devastated. We will write a custom essay sample on Underground to Canada or any similar topic only for you Order Now When she arrives at the Riley plantation in Mississippi after the long trip, Julilly meets Liza, and they become instantly inseperable. They fantasize about the promised land, Canada. When Massa Ross comes to visit and chooses Lester Adam and Ben to show him the best â€Å"bird watching† area, He really secretly tells them how to escape to Canada. Lester immediately tells Julilly, who tells Liza. 3 days later after hearing 3 calls of the whippoorwill, the meet Massa Ross in the forest, to create a plan. Liza and Julilly disguise themselves as boys, and the run away. On the trip, they overcome so many obstacles, and take so many risks, but in the end they make it. However, they could never have made it without the help of the â€Å"Underground Railway†. On the way, Julilly and Liza encounter some horrible news. Adam died of blood poisoning. Fortunately though, Lester has made it, and has a job in the town of St-Catharines. When Julilly and Liza make it to St Catharines, Angry Lester becomes sheepish as he tells Julilly about a surprise for her. As he is telling her, someone comes out of the kitchen. Julilly is overjoyed, because it is none other than MAMMY SALLY! How to cite Underground to Canada, Papers

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Important Factors in Employee Motivation free essay sample

Important Factors in Employee Motivation The motivation of employees is one of the most vital requirements in the contemporary business development. People from all works of life may hold distinct views towards the topic that what are the radical motivating factors. Actually, it was salary that used to be considered as the most important motivators, as financial reward was comparatively proposed to be traded on impelling hirelings motivation, according to some early theories(Wiley,1997). However, some different factors of motivation, which now are universally favored by companies and conglomerates, may be more essential than personal emolument. This essay attempts to demonstrate these major factors in motivating employees, including empowerment, esteem demands and compensation in both physical and psychological aspects. Delegating more responsibility to workers is an efficacious way to increase job satisfaction, as well as employees motivation (Herzberg,1987 cited in Madura,2008).It means employees may be motivated by being involved in general affairs or being offered the power to participate in decision making, which can be equivalently called empowerment (Madura,2008) and this has been executed at numerous companies or by some notable people such as Warren Buffet. Once he left the investment in his manager and employees charge even without any periodical supervision, only in the case that the manager demanded to have a deliberation for exigent matters.Therefore,the personnels were empowered and they would devote all themselves to work, in order to accomplish a better consequence, since so colossal responsibility were on their shoulders (Luke,2011). Strikingly, it not only promoted the production but also increased employees enthusiasm and required capacity for later work. In addition, Tesco, a world famous conglomerate for commodity and service offering, also attaches importance to responsibility delegation.It stages informal discussion annually, deliberating salary raise with the workers and constantly adopt proper recommendations for food going onto the cartes in its restaurants from the staff. Employees thence be motivated to provide their enterprise with creative and proper ideas(The Times 100, 2010), cumbering with considerable duties. Equally important, esteem demands such as self-respect and respect from others,especially recognition for the works the employees have done can impel motivation to a certain extent.Full appreciation for hard work could helps erect self-esteem by concentrating on employees value for the firm and then the company may capacitate employees to reach their needs (Madura,2008). Nonetheless, although employees do need appreciation for work done, investigation illustrates that employers merely acknowledge recognition for e mployees work . Also, principles for presenting appreciation, consisting of description of required actions, explanation for appreciating and expressing gratitudes (Cherrington, 1992, pp. 2-3,cited in Wiley, 1997) should be followed, otherwise, it might be invalid. Take Tesco for example, it usually makes its employees feel satisfied in work by communicating with them regularly to help employees set individual goals and sum up the work they have done. Whats more,Tesco invites its workers to participate in a survey named Viewpoint every year, affording them the chances to present any opinions on nearly all fields of their work. Thus, employee motivation becomes higher as the value they have in various aspects are recognized and get the respect from their firms.Sufficient compensations related to employee outstanding achievement, can have positive effects on reinforcing employees because people will usually be motivated by being rewarded for their work. Financial rewards, together with non-financial factors, contributes to peoples getting into the swing of their job. For example, some firms like Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company offers bonuses to workers based on its profi t and the average money that Nucor pays to its employees as premiums can even be more than the medial base salary(Madura,2008). Both of the two companies compensate employees with financial rewards. Apart from that,some non-financial factors may do a more adequate job of motivating workers, such as personal skill promoting and developing opportunities (The Times 100,2010). According to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Theory, self-actualization is the final category to reach but beneficial to people if fulfilled. Best Buy organized a program to gather some employees to work and live together, getting trainings and texts. Meanwhile they were required to discuss to think of ideas for their goods sale.During this program, people who performed well in the groups can even had an opportunity to get extra management training and they then would be more likely to get promotion. Consequently, Best Buy motivated employees by promoting them with additional trainings as compensations besides pay raises and could enhance the enterprises creativity at the same time (Reena,2009 cited in Luke, 2011). Still some people, however, may insist on advocating salary as the most important factor in motivating.Although it is true that payment, as a kind of physiological need among five categories of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, is the foundation that people depend on for existence, it will not absolutely result in increasing of staffs activeness. Instead, inadequacy of hygiene needs will lead to employees dissatisfaction for work. Dissatisfaction dose not mean no satisfaction because dissatisfaction may produce negative influence while no satisfaction will just keep unchangeable(Herzberg, 1987). As a result, adequate salary will only prevent employees from becoming dissatisfied rather than motivating them.Furthermore, as market conditions have transformed speedily and innovation continues, most people do not just work for money to survive, but for experiencing the life and actualizing personal worth. In this case, salary may have almost little effect in motivating, compared with other mo tivators mentioned above. From what have been discussed above, motivation now is extremely a significant problem in management of business and companies all over the world and it is widely acknowledged that fundamental factors to motivate employees need to be correctly understand.Management practices in companies and theories published by experts both contribute to the fact that important factors in motivation are complex and more than just salary. Delegating responsibility to employees can empowers them to be more active in work and appreciating the work they have done will meet individual esteem needs, preventing them from feeling undervalued. While compensation includes salary raises and non-financial rewards both can affect employees job satisfaction related to motivation.

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Invasion of Australia Essay Example

Invasion of Australia Essay Example Invasion of Australia Essay Invasion of Australia Essay Invasion, Settlement or Colonisation For over 60,000 years Aboriginal people lived on this continent, owning, caring for and being sustained by the land. With their deep knowledge of nature and respect for the environment in which they lived, they developed a successful economy and a rich spiritual and cultural life. 1788 saw the arrival of Europeans and the decimation of the aboriginal people. 1. Enter territory with armed forces to attack, damage or occupy it. 2. Crowd in; tourists invaded the city. 3. Penetrate harmfully; the disease had invaded all parts of the body. Invasion suggests that there was already an inhabitant of the land and that the land of the inhabitants was. It also suggests that there was force used in claiming the land from its original inhabitants through use of military force. The European government that came to colonise Australia referred to the land as Terra Nullius, which means land that belongs to no one. They divided up land that was not theirs and built houses and farms. The aborigines were seen as savages. 1. Not civilized; barbaric: a savage people. 2. Ferocious; fierce: in a savage temper. The Aborigines were forced off their native land and when they opposed they were shot, hung or executed by other means. One such occasion was the Battle of Pinjarra. They might have called it the Battle of Pinjarra but like all of the massacres of the Aborigines it was more a case of wholesale slaughter than of some equally poised, European-style battle.Wrote Bruce Elder in his book Blood on the Wattle: the massacres and maltreatment of Australian Aborigines. Invasion, Settlement or Colonisation.

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Women and Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women and Film - Essay Example In her revised ‘incarnation’ as Madonna, the average American must be enjoying a hearty laugh to look at the badgered hair, unclean strapless taffeta outfits and dotted black leather. It also indicates Madonna’s influence in the fashion world of America in that period. Fashion of the 80s is not just the symbol of change in lifestyles, financial and social status. Rather than the external embellishments, it refers to the inner world of the personalities and gives lessons for the spectators. The director has chosen the utilities like dress, acting mode, talk, interaction and behavior to make the audience understand, what happens when a mask is identified with a real face. The story relates to the psyche of housewives like Roberta who are fed-up with the routine of the middle class with nothing exciting and challenging happening in their lives. In this specific case, Roberta’s hot tub-selling husband ignores her. She desperately wants to come out of the cob-web of life of a stereotype housewife and achieve something sterling in life. She finds excitement in the relationship of Jim and Susan and their style of communication. Destiny plays its part and when Roberta is mistaken for Madonna, she is in a peculiar predicament as she has to survive with Madonna, Jim and her husband and the mob—desperate to know what the truth is! The message of the movie is profound. It highlights the level of desperation and the moves the housewife makes to breathe the air of freedom, when she has to live with her feelings suppressed and where she does not even have the freedom to choose the haircut that she wants. There is a reason why the director chooses the â€Å"free spirit† of Madonna in the movie. In the 80s culture, Madonna has great impact on the world of entertainment in America and her style is most copied, majority of women revere her as the role model. In the culture of the 80s, she is